Avani Living Miracle Mile Market
Avani Living Miracle Mile Market
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New Construction

Tecta America can help design, build, and install any commercial roofing systems for your new construction projects.

Tecta America Will:

  • Offer an initial review of plans, specifications, and vision for developing your building
  • Take a comprehensive look of the job site and plan for your building structure to custom design a roof that fits your needs and budget
  • Discuss the goals of your building functionality to plan what solution is best for you
  • Consider building use, energy conservation, storm water run off/drainage, and safety concerns to help you determine which roofing solutions are best
  • Work collaboratively with you and your team to enable your project to be completed on time with the quality and safety that you expect from your roofing professional

New Construction Solutions:

Single Ply

Amarillo - Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips CISD Event Center - TPO(1)

Modified Bitumen

Mod Bit 2


Metro Area - Roof Anchors


Metal roof with  windows and chimneys


Asphalt Shingles


Slate-Tile - St. Patricks Church - Bay Shore NY pan and cover spanish tile


skylights 1


New York, USA - May 22, 2018: Green roof of a skyscraper in New York City. It is a roof covered with vegetation designed to offer environmental benefits.


Tecta America has the expertise to properly evaluate and execute a plan for your roofing needs. Contact our locations for more information.